The old quarter as far as I know that tourists normally just hear about it on the Hanoi and Hoi An there are quite reputations about the old quarter where people buy and sell their local products. In Ha Giang, it is also a place where local people come here, and sell the animals, hand-made traditional, clothes … that is made up to their special beautiful culture. You have an overview of the daily life of the ethnic minority and wild nature. Follow me, I will illustrate to you the Dong Van Old Quarter.

1. Where is Dong Van Old Quarter

Dong Van Town is located in the middle of the valley with the roky surrounding. There have only 40 roofs lined up together under a rocky mountain. If you can wake up early and get there, you will have an opportunity to see the unique picture of old quarter which is blended two colours: the bright yellow of the sunshine and grey of ancient houses.

The quarter is formed from the early 20th century, only has a few families of the H’mong, Tay and Chinese, gradually, more and more other local residents find it. Overall, the old quarter has Chinese’s architecture with two-story houses of yin and yang roofs, red lanterns…

2. The most beautiful sights in Dong Van Old Town

If you are passionate about talking the wonderful pictures, you should climb to a hill near the market and looking down, you will see the next to three markets arranged in U-shape with yin and yang roofs are two ancient streets that lead to the mountain.

A mainly residential area of the Tay and dozens of ancient houses are concerned as the important part of Dong Van old quarter. As far as I know that there have about 40 ancient houses with 100 years old. Particularly, there has a house nearly 200 years old of Mr Luong Huy Ngo, was built in 1860.

Furthermore, from 2006, Dong Van district held “night in the old quarter” in March on 14th, 15th, 16th lunar calendar. All households in the old quarter hang red lanterns, display ethnic brocade, and sell traditional food. “Night in the old quarter” in Dong Van karst plateau is also working for propagation to attract tourists.

Tourists can learn more about the culture of ethnic people through local people and soak into the dance of the Lo Lo, enjoy traditional dishes such as Thang Co, Men Men, Ta Chua, of the H’Mong and visit the area display local produce.

However, on the other days, when space turns into afternoon, the peace embraces old quarter in the heart of Rocky Plateau. At the time of every night, the light from the oil lamp is only bright enough for seeing dimly. In that space, sometimes there is the sound of instrument played by lips of H’Mong boys calling love mate. On weekends, the old town cafe is bustling with boys and girls from the villages invited by the shopkeeper to sing folk songs, expressing charming love dances.

3. Particular coffee shop in Dong Van Old Quarter

As I said before that talking about old quarter, or old quarter coffee, people often think about Hanoi or Hoi An. That thought seems to become a habit. It is easy to understand because Dong Van old quarter in this landscape is much younger than the history of Hanoi or Hoi An old quarter, and coffee is not like the common drink of highland people. But no one enjoying “old quarter coffee” in Dong Van can resist the charming taste of this kind of coffee.

As one of not many old houses still retains the ancient beauty in the Dong Van old quarter, "Old Quarter Coffee" is like a bright spot attracting, even more, deserved to the function of the restaurant it holding. This was originally a home of a landlord – Mr Luong – Tay people had strong power in Dong Van in the past. This hundred-year-old house also experienced many ups and downs with the old quarter, and luckily, it was still almost intact

Dong Van old quarter is an ideal destination in the North of Vietnam, which preserves the tradition and cultural intangible values of ethnic people.

By Custom Vietnam Travel

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