Nowadays Ha Giang has been one of the most beautiful attractions in the Northeast of Vietnam for those daring backpackers who want to seek the pure beauty of Vietnam’s nature and people. There have many high rocky mountains, limestone formations and springs, tourists absolutely will be impressed by the spectacular scenery of nature and also friendly local people here who always are willing to welcome the visitors. In this article, I will illustrate one of the famous historical destinations which travellers can’t miss when discovering Ha Giang province. 

1. How to get from Hanoi to Lung Cu Flagpole 

Just around 400km from Hanoi following National Highway 2 and 4C, there are lots of ways to go there such as go by coach bus, private car or motorbike. If you don’t have problems with carsick, night bus is the best choice, it is a great way to save time as you travel overnight. Travelling by motorbike also is an interesting point for some travellers as they can discover the fantastic way to the northeast of Vietnam, deeply fall in love nature, the unique scenery mountain. Then to get the Lung Cu Flagpole which is just situated nearly 24km from Dong Van centre district. ​ 

The way to Lung Cu is quite beautiful as a watercolour painting. The paddy fields and earthen-walled houses dot the sumptuous panorama. At sunset, Lung Cu village is very peaceful with smoke from roofs and children drive the herd of buffaloes to the houses. The cold weather covers on children faces and their hair. The smoke spreads out and makes a corner of the dusk warmer. The road to Lung Cu flagpole has been rebuilt with a stair structure helping travelling easier. The higher, the perfect Lung Cu scenery is. See towards 4 sides, Lung Cu village is quiet in the light yellow sunset. Seeing more, you will be more charmed. 

2. Where is Lung Cu Flagpole

Lung Cu flagpole locates in the longitude of 1580 58’, 21’’ west and latitude of 230 21’48, 76’’ North. Its height is 1468.73 m – north pole, the border area of the nation, and well known as “a high forehead of the motherland” where marks the extreme North of Vietnam. ​ 

Lung Cu has a total area of 3460 hectares with 9 villages, there are Lo Lo Chai, Seo Lung, Ta Gia Khau, Can Tang, Then Van, Then Pa, Si Man Khan, San Cho, San Sa Phin and borders with China more than 16 kilometres. Here, in the winter, it is very cold and has snow. Among 9 villages, Lung Cu Thi Seo Lung village situated in uppermost land with Then Phan valley on the left and Nho Que River on the right. 

3. History of Lung Cu Flagpole ​ 

There also is an interesting destination for those who love studying about history, furthermore, from its top, travellers can see the whole of beautiful and spectacular landscape with terraced filed creating a very wild beauty, typical of the northwestern region of Vietnam. It designed as an imitation of the Hanoi Flag Tower, with eight bronze drums guarding the sides of the octagonal tower.

The national flag adorning the top of the 135-stair tower has an area of 54m², symbolizing the unity of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups. As far as I know that the octagonal style of flagpole is quite similar to the Hanoi Flagpole style. At the foot of the column is a memorial house displaying the tools of labour, costumes and cultural products of Ha Giang ethnic groups. 

Ethnic people in Lung Cu mainly cultivate. The H’Mong and Lo Lo still preserve the traditional weaving. Especially, Lung Cu also reserves historical artefacts, precious cultural artefacts of the reign of Hung Vuong. According to historical records, on the Tay Son dynasty, Emperor Quang Trung put in place a large drum and the position of the drum is Lung Cu. Therefore, the Lo Lo in Lung Cu is proficient in using a bronze drum.

Moreover, this place has Shan tea, honey wine, corn wine, peach blossom, white snow and Thang Co in each fair…along with the traditional cultural characteristics of ethnic people such as H’Mong, Lo Lo, Giay… Lung Cu has fascinating in its beauty to attract many tourists. Indeed, if tourists have a chance to come here in the spring, visitors will be enjoyed the fresh air, the sound of love melody of the H’Mong. 

By Custom Vietnam Travel

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