Appear among rocky mountain and terraced fields, the round shape of Quan Ba Twin Mountain makes visitors feel surprised in front of the beauty of nature. Being blessed by nature, Tam Son and Quan Ba in Ha Giang province (the top point of the country) have round, charming natural mountains that is compared with a fairy's breasts, which is called the Twin Mountain.

1. Where is Quan Ba Twin Mountain

Quan Ba Twin Mountain is located on the highway 4C in Tam Son town, Quan Ba district, far 40 km from Ha Giang town. To come to Quan Ba heaven gate (a district located in the southwest of the global geological park, Dong Van stone plateau), visitors must pass the 46 km route from Ha Giang to the north, and must pass the Bac Sum slope.

2. The beautiful sides of Quan Ba Mountain

Standing on the peak of Yen Minh-Tam Son road, visitors can see the beautiful poetic town of Tam Son, mixed with terraced fields and mountains. And right here, the Twin Mountains appears with charming beauty like twenty – year - old female’s breasts. The natural picture of Quan Ba Twin Mountain is changed according to the season. The green of terraced rice fields, the splendid yellow of the ripe rice crop, the brown of the plowing season has created interesting colours for the landscape here. ​ 

Living in Tam Son, Quan Ba is mainly H'mong, Dao and Tay people... Natural beauty along with typical cultural characteristics of Ha Giang rock plateau always attracts tourists when they want to discover Ha Giang’s attraction. ​ 

Quan Ba Twin Mountain has a cool climate whole year, this place is considered as "Sapa" of Ha Giang. With fresh weather, good terrain, Quan Ba Twin Mountain has become the most attractive area in Ha Giang province.

3. The legend about Quan Ba Twin Mountain

This pair of the natural mound is attached to many interesting legends. The ethnic people here have handed down a story about Quan Ba Twin Mountain poetically. The story was told that in the past, there was a Hmong man named Tuan Tu, who had a good ability to play Dan Moi (an instrument of Hmong people). 

The sound of that kind of instrument is like the sound of the stream, the sound of a forest bird, sometimes low, sometimes high and it makes a girl named Peach Blossom fell in love. Because she loved him, this beautiful fairy hid to stay in this land and married with Tuan Tu. 

Then they had a pretty little boy. At that time, King of Heaven knew Peach Blossom went down and lived on earth then married with an earth man, he was extremely angry and forced her to come back. Peach Blossom cried a lot and begged King of Heaven to stay earth to bring up the little boy but no one cared about that. 

Because of love, she giving husband and child, the beautiful fairy Peach Blossom left her breast in that landscape to feed her child. A long-time after that, when the boy grew up, her breast turned into twin - mountain which is called Twin Mountain or Fairy Mountain. ​

The legend also told that due to fairy Peach Blossom’s milk, the climate of Quan Ba, Tam Son is really cool. And that landscape becomes good soil with a lot kind of Fruits and plants. Her tears formed the dreamy, pure Mien river in the sea of cat ears and hugged the land behind the legendary heaven gate.

The twin mountain - beautiful scenery of Ha Giang land is also attacked with another legend. It is a story about a giant boy falling in love with the beautiful girl of Tam Son. To come to the girl he loved, the giant boy from far land had to overcome many high mountains and deep streams. 

The boy did not hesitate to cope with the challenge of the girl's family that if he could stop the Dong Ha River from flowing back into the valley where the girl's family lived, the girl's family would agree to let him be the son-in-law. In order to fill the flow to prevent Dong Ha River from flowing into the valley, the giant boy took the day and night to bring mountains back here. 

One day, when he was busy carrying the soil to stop the river, the boy received bad news of his mother's death, he had to come back to see his mother last time, the giant's yoke hit the high mountain then broke. Desperately waiting for the lover to return, the faithful girl here leaned back against the giant man's yoke. And then she became a mountain to wait for the boy to return. ​ 

After that, the boy’s broken yoke became Phia Poi mountain range or people also call with the name Giant Man’s yoke mountain range. 9 deep lakes in Than Ri, Than Lau, Tham Nam Dam, Tham Nung Pet, Sum Pun, Tham Nan Village… actually Giant Man’s hurry steps. Quan Ba Twin Mountain is a faithful girl. ​ 

With legendary beauty, true like people and scenery here, Quan Ba Twin Mountain is a beautiful symbol in the heart of domestic and foreign tourists when travelling to Ha Giang.

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